Scene contents

All scene nodes are listed in the Objects menu.

  • Select: Tap an objects list entry to change the scene selection to this object.
  • Rename: Tap and hold on an objects list entry and choose "Rename" to be able to edit the name of the chosen object.
  • Duplicate: Tap and hold on an objects list entry and choose "Duplicate" to make a copy of the selected object. (This option is only valid for MultiresMesh).
  • Delete: Tap and hold on an objects list entry and choose "Delete" to delete an object from the scene.

Objects list toolbar

  • +: Opens the primitive geometry importer. From here, you can import primitives into the scene.
  • Combine: Opens a menu that allows you to combine multiple meshes (MultiresMesh) into one.
  • IBLs: Opens the IBL picker.

Scene object entry

  • Visibility Toggle: Each object with a visible representation can have its visibility value toggled from here.
  • Scene Node Icon: Each scene node type is represented by an icon to allow you to differentiate between them.
  • Scene Node Name: Shows the name of the node.
  • Scene Node Parameters: Allows you to tweak parameters of the node.


forger allows you to use "Image Based Lighting" to light their scenes, doing so will give a more realistic look to scenes.

This should be used preferably whilst painting, combined with the "Standard" material type since gamma correct materials have a harsher light-to-shade ratio which can be tricky to work with whilst sculpting sometimes.

Please note that this panel does not allow drag & drop since iOS clamps images to 8bit when they are dragged. It's preferable to copy any lat-long images you may have to the apps "Documents/ibls/" subdirectory of the app via Apple's "Files" app.

forger supports panorama (lat-long) HDR images in common industry formats such as .exr and .hdr.

Selecting an image in this panel will create an "EnvironmentLight" node with the selected image if there isn't one in the scene or change the IBL image of the first "EnvironmentLight" node it finds.


IBLs can't be accumulated or translated in the scene, only the first one found is used in scenes.

For more information on IBL please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image-based_lighting