Full feature list


  • Import OBJ, Alembic files.
  • Export OBJ, STL, USD files. (iOS13+ required for USD export)
  • Multi-mesh support in scenes.
  • Hardware keyboard support. (bluetooth or wired)
  • Apple Pencil pressure sensitivity support.
  • Undo/Redo history.
  • Background/Reference image "ImagePlane" support.
  • Left / Right handed UI modes.
  • Turntable / Free Orbiting navigation modes.
  • Action Pivot navigation mode.
  • Turntable video generation.
  • Image rendering with alpha at different resolutions.


  • Latlong Image Based Lighting IBL support. (exr/hdr)
  • PBR / Blinn / LitSphere material support. (PBR uses roughness workflow)
  • Shaded / Faceted / Wireframe viewport display modes. (sculpting)
  • Shaded / Constant-baseColor / Constant-metalness / Constant-roughness display modes. (painting)
  • Normal / Darker / Transparent / Hidden on unselected choices.


Sculpting Tools

Desktop class brush engine

  • Standard/Clay/Smooth/Move/Pull/Flatten/Polish/Scrape/Planar/Inflate/Crease/Stamp/Mask brushes.
  • Image support for brush tips. (aka Alphas/Stamps)
  • Smooth stroke. (aka Lazy Mouse/Steady Stroke)
  • User-adjustable falloff curves.
  • Customizable use of pressure sensitivity. (size/strength/both)
  • Jitters for brush size, strength, rotation, position.
  • Transform tool. (contains Translate, Rotate & Scale tools)
  • Caliper tool.
  • Screen-space, marquee-style masking/visibility setting with Lasso/Rectangle/Square/Ellipse/Circle shapes.
  • Brush preset system. (allows storing and sharing presets among users, iPad-only)

Sculpting Core Features

  • Multi-resolution mesh sculpting via Catmull-Clark mesh subdivisions.
  • Rebuild subdivision levels from previously subdivided meshes.
  • Volume-based quad-dominant remeshing.
  • Auto-retopo quad-dominant remeshing.
  • Sculpt layers.
  • Sculpt masks.
  • Vertex colors.
  • Ability to Clear, Invert, Blur, Sharpen, Grow and Shrink masks.
  • Combine meshes.
  • Split meshes by adjacency/visibility/masks.
  • Extract thick meshes from other meshes based on masks.
  • Ability to close holes in existing meshes.
  • Simple auto-generation of mesh UVs.
  • Symmetrical sculpting based on axis of choice.
  • Tangent symmetrical sculpting for posed, topologically symmetrical meshes.
  • Ability to reapply symmetry to topologically symmetrical meshes.
  • Ability to make meshes symmetrical.


(requires texture painting In-App Purchase)

Texturing Tools

  • Paint brush.
  • Paint eraser brush.
  • Image Projection brush.
  • Eye Dropper tool.

(note that texturing tools are only valid for "texturable" meshes)

Texturing Core Features

  • Independent texture channel layer stacks. (baseColor / roughness / metalness)
  • Paint layer support, with different blending modes and opacity.
  • Partial stack display.
  • Paint layer masks.
  • Layer mask stacks.
  • Paint adjustment layers. (Levels, Invert, ColorBalance, HSL, HSV)
  • Paint layer groups.
  • Layer color "visual tagging".